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Ontario Genomics Innovation Centre

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Services Provided

Flow Cytometry Facility

Affymetrix Microarray Facility

We are now able to provide access to the full line of Affymetrix Gene Expression and DNA Analysis products

Affymetrix GeneChip Technical Variability

  • Expression Arrays
  • Mapping (SNP) Arrays
  • Resequencing Arrays
  • Custom Arrays

Library Construction Facility (please inquire)

  • SAGE Libraries
  • cDNA Libraries
  • EST Libraries
  • Normalized, Subtracted Libraries

DNA Sequencing Facility

  • Fluorescent DNA sequencing of plasmids, PCR products, Phage, BAC, and Genomic DNA
  • Mutation Detection
  • SNP Analysis
  • Methylation Status Detection
  • Primer Walking Projects including Primer Design, Contig Assembly, and Consensus Sequence Generation
  • High Throughput DNA Sequencing Projects

Quantitative Real Time PCR Facility

  • Quantitative PCR
  • Comparitive Quantitation
  • SYBR Green Quantitation with Dissociation Curve
  • Allelic Discrimination
  • Molecular Beacon Melting Curve
  • Qualitative Detection

Proteomics Facility

  • Protein Identification 1D or 2D Gels


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